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Resource Concerns and Improvements

The goal of the Cannon River One Watershed, One Plan process was to develop a single management plan for the watershed. This management plan was named the Cannon River Comprehensive Watershed Management Plan. 

The Cannon River Comprehensive Management Plan:

  • Identifies and prioritizes watershed resources and issues

  • Sets measurable goals for the priority resources and issues

  • Identifies a 10-year schedule of implementation activities and budget to achieve the goals

  • Develops plan implementation programs, administration, and coordination frameworks needed to implement the plan

The plan identified 20 Tier One issues, which were organized within three broader categories. They include: Resource Concerns, Landscape Alteration Concerns, and Socioeconomic Concerns. The Cannon River Comprehensive Watershed Management Plan identified 41 goals to address these Tier One issues. Specific and targeted implementation activities were identified that are needed to achieve the 10-year goals of the plan, which are summarized below by tier one issues and implementation activities needed.

Resource Concerns

Tier One issues include:

  • Protection and impaired lakes

  • Pollutant impaired streams

  • Wetland Restoration

  • Drinking water protection

  • Groundwater dependent natural resources (protection lakes)

  • Monitoring Data

Implementation Activities:

  • Streambank stabilization and wetland restoration projects

  • Well sealing

  • Monitoring program development

  • Groundwater quantity, lake / stream water quality and citizen monitoring programs

  • Education for public water suppliers, private well owners and homeowners

Landscape Alteration Concerns

Tier One issues include:

  • Agricultural runoff and leaching loss

  • Soil health

  • Shoreline, stormwater and drainage system management

  • Flooding of communities

  • Subsurface sewage treatment systems

  • Community resilience to climate change

Implementation Activities:

  • Cropland conversions

  • Structural practices

  • Manure management plans, nutrient management BMPs and feedlot runoff control projects

  • Increase organic matter

  • Long-term flood evaluation study

  • SSTS inventory

  • Modernization of drainage records

Socioeconomic Concerns

Tier One Issues:

  • Citizen engagement

  • Educating local land use decision makers

  • Planning area partnerships

  • Internal Capacity

  • Recreational value

Implementation Activities:

  • Workshops, trainings, presentations, guidance and one-on-one communications with stakeholder groups

  • Stormwater BMP demonstration, river cleanup and land stewardship projects

  • Regular working group meetings

  • 1W1P website upkeep

  • Member board updates prior to state approval and local adoption to the Cannon River 1W1P

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