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The Cannon River Watershed Joint Powers Organization (CRWJPO) was created in 2020 to serve the goal of implementing the Cannon River Comprehensive Watershed Management Plan that was created in 2016. The plan is a document developed with stakeholders across the watershed, and will provide a road map for implementing conservation practices to meet water quality and natural resource management goals for the Cannon River. There are many lakes and streams that are within the boundaries of the watershed. 

The Cannon River Comprehensive Watershed Management Plan was developed through the Cannon River One Watershed, One Plan process that was done in partnership with the Minnesota Board of Soil & Water Resources (BWSR). 

The Minnesota counties and soil & water conservation districts that are part of the CRWJPO include Dakota, Goodhue, Le Sueur, Rice, Steele and Waseca. The Belle Creek Watershed District and the North Cannon Watershed Management Organization are also members of the CRWJPO. 

The organization will receive Clean Water Funds from BWSR, which will be given to the CRWJPO every two years to work towards the plan's water quality goals. In addition, the CRWJPO will seek new opportunities for grants that meet the objectives identified in the plan. 

View the Project details here.

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More Information

Below is more information on the watershed plan, resource concerns and improvements and partnering organizations. 

Water Drops

Cannon River Comprehensive Watershed Management Plan

Read about the process on how the one watershed, one plan was created, and what it looks like today.

Community Cleanup

Resource Concerns and Improvements

Find out what resource concerns and issues and the management plan hopes to improve.  

Go Team

Partnering Organizations

Learn about who has all partnered with the CRWJPO to make things happen.

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